Akshay kumar das

If you are in tune with this nature, you will certainly fill your life with an abundance of Health, wealth, love and spiritual happiness.

So, why wait? Build that symphony of love, It needs care, compassion, and eyes full bliss which reflects in the others eyes when you start loving yourself. Read our Melodies of Love! Learn the science of living and loving. 


What we do

We conduct Yoga Classes, Physics and mathematics sessions.

We Teach.

We have community guided teachers students and self-taught artists, we teach Yoga,Science and Art

We Write.

We write our thoughts which may help you, We write to inspire you. and we are inspired by readers like you.

We Enjoy

We are participating in the volunteer social reach like old age homes, Goshala, blessed by Our Guru Mathaji.

What you can do

Billion People

In this planet 3.2 billion Plus people use Internet, undoubtedly Internet is great platform to share thoughts, Share Wisdom and to Inspire all.

Do you like to write something to help and motivate people, here we go, we have something called, Young writer series! Start writing ! and get featured in coming news letters… Just Start writing…..!
Do you write?
I have my friends and teachers. who help me. Do you like to join with us. “When you come to know, “I” is not the ultimate, then only you can live with “we”.
– Akshay kumar das
Team work

I write about everything! You know why? because I write about physics. The idea of learning something is a great job ! after you learn something if possible teach someone. or write about your experiences in a paper or a diary, notepad, whatever, or just throw it into the INTERNET somewhere in blogs as a post. that may spark out something in other’s mind one day.


Akshay kumar das

An Mechanical Engineer, Physics enthusiast, Music Geek, Writer (Freelancer)

Poetry and Science

My world of Poems has no end !

Kannada and English Poems

Yoga and Meditations

My journey towards Himalayas started with a celebration, it was the time of Maha Sivaratri. Firstly went to Sivananda ashram for my course and that evening i took a sacred bath in ganges at Sivanand ghat.Then the journey continued for 70 days where I learnt through the philosophy of yoga and followed by practice taught over there. Along Side we went to few places like Ram jhula, laxman Jhula, Triveni ghat and a trek towards Neelkant where our eyes went to a toss looking at the beauty of Himalayas.

Sharath akkineni

Yoga teacher and wellness expert