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To understand the nature and world around us, comprehend the Astrophysics, Biophysics, Higher energy physics in revealing the new theories are coming up. Let’s discuss them, apply them, let’s learn our academical physics still the more cheerful way. Come and Join here we will help you to learn physics and it’s deep science in a different way. Modern Physics has given the most valuable asset to the world of science. Principles that are used to describe our nature are limited. many laws are being stated and few of them succeed in proving them theoretically and sometimes experimentally, few are proved wrong. Connect with nature to learn better.

Yoga & Spirituality:

We all become anxious, tensed, frustrated. I too, But sometimes it’s a boon when it turns positive, all tensed energy is utilized to turn positive, most of the time its bane.. never ending phenomena of life’s psychological and neurological traits are repaired and re-connected to the reality and bring back the correct bliss in life. By Yoga and Meditation. A certified Yoga instructor and Meditational experts will help you. come and join to enjoy the harmony in life, to enjoy every morning a new birth to start a new beginning and a change.


 Listening to music can soothe the emotions.Whenever I take the guitar and practice first thing comes to my mind is Wow, how Truly this works, A beautiful rhythmic sounds generated by the strings…The beauty of harmony, and expression of emotion in all the way to make solitude soul a happy is the main aim of music.  Its natural incorporation of music, mantras, chhanda, linguistics, feelings, gratitude to almighty, happy mood..etc are its forms. Come and Join us we are here to make an attempt at visualizing music through computational methods, theoretical concepts and even knowing the exact physics behind the music of cosmos.

A Poetic Romeo


Akshay Kumar Das

Whenever I think about my life, I like most is melodies I collected so far… I always entitled to say “melodies” of nature, melodies of Love, friendship, Melodies of life… and finally melodies of physics.

My blogging Started with small articles, Posts, Quotes and some Poems, stories in the name “melodies physics”. It grabbed readers recently... Eureka thoughts arrived long back, a science platform concept. Now thinking to accomplish it, many of my friends started to help me…

Well, It’s true I’m a geek of physics… In my engineering college, I loved only one thing seeing a practical physics (mechanical engineering), other than studies I always loved going my ashram. Lord’s grace ashram with my friend Sharath, the way our mathaji helped me was most prominent. Sharath along with me had a many discussion regarding meditation and Yoga also part of Spirituality. I have written many posts about Yoga & Spirituality.

Loved to visit IISc and meeting friends out there, I attended workshops and sessions in IISc, IISc in Bangalore always made me dig my brain towards our understanding of Science. Especially Physics, I published papers, articles in Newsletter and magazines.

Even my blogging helped me to Re-call my Pencil sketching, oil painting talents. Some of them I uploaded in WordPress.

Coming to Music, which is my third love. I loved writing the best about it. Music is one which is universal in the categories of art.

We are starting a Yoga & Spirituality and physics academic courses which will help most of the people who look for great online sessions. We don’t say we are best, but we will try our best out of few opportunities of our life.

I’m a Love sailor! 

I’m a Love sailor! 

I’m like a love sailor in love ship 

Sometimes i meet traveling Partners 

very few come to end without hate and hatred 

All river waters flow to sea 

One next to other waves they move 

But again the waves return to shore  

to bring love partners  

I’m a Love sailor! 


Waves do their work Bringing  

Love birds to love island  

Love is for everyone in love…no discrimination  

Delivery is the goal of the waves. 

I’m a Love sailor! 

They deliver lover to Love island


But we Love sailor ask fee 

That is Following forgiving,truthfulness,despise of selfishness 

who take oath of sharing love!  I’m a Love sailor! 

But why we are owner of hatred 

We hate and follow dishonesty,lies,selfishness  

Life is the river that flows and lives 

Home town is the earth and It’s the biggest love island  

But we made it a grify land… 

I’m a Love sailor! 

Combine unhappy life to joyful life 

The life of a lovely man is the flow of life 

Burn the springs of hatred 

This is how the home of love should  

be a love island should be 

I’m a Love sailor! The sedentary rivers are sinners 

In comparison to the rivers that run … 

Compare some flowing river like our blood 

© Akshay Kumar Das

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Yoga and Meditation


I was always Enthralled by the spirituality as same as Theoretical Physics. My actual understanding perhaps the way I understood the science of spiritual was Nomadic.I refer nomadic because the knowledge of spiritual science evolved in an Imperceptible way. I like to express a gratitude to My Guru Mathaji.

She is the one who given the ideology of ancient Vedanta’s and their use in day to day life. How we able to use the benefits of ancient Tantric and Meditations to achieve a better life cherishing the stressful life. And repair the oxygen – blood incompatibility. Much more which I’m going to discuss in future posts.Meditation means awareness of everything around us. Whatever you do with deep awareness is meditation. “Listening to your breath is regarded as meditation” listening to the chirping of birds is meditation. As long as these activities and including the activities which occur naturally are free from any other distraction to the mind-body, it's the true meditation.

The word meditation is derived from two Latin words: meditari(to think, to dwell upon, to exercise the mind) and mederi (to heal). Its Sanskrit derivation ‘medha’ means wisdom. Tantra is an ancient science dealing with many different systems for increasing the speed of human evolution. In present Technology, suppose think about a car/vehicle which moves by the Fossil fuels.The car may give out an excess or sometimes optimal exhaust, what if it gives large than usual you make an arrangement like changing Engine/repairing, Filters, the filters may work efficiently or may not. But the main goal is to control the amount of carbon content and Sulphur content. And also, the proper throw out of waste increase the durability of the engine, and vehicle of course. As the same way, our Human body is a constantly running engine which must be repaired or maintained in order to perform an efficient metabolism in cells of the body, so the improper cell metabolism may lead to the risks of disease. Isn’t it this happens?

Maybe our day to day life with any contaminations can be thrown away by meditation techniques. My one of the neighbor said after reading above sentence I knew this. And instantly I asked him, Wow how about you doing daily? He replied That’s a bad idea! Because it's difficult to do meditation in cold mornings.So, what I need to convey is this, the meditation techniques are more practical than the illusion of techniques. So, the actual practice of yoga and pranayama only helps. So, you can’t simply read this try to do it in mornings or evenings. Meditation is something that most people have heard about, few have any true conception about and even fewer have actually experienced.  And coming back to Meditation it’s a routine based, you need to Take extra effort.

Art of everything


Physics feel and measures the vibrations of elementary particles to the gravitational field. Only hearts like yours can get the music of it.

Rohan K , Physics teacher

Art of making a creative attempt is checking our ability to give a masterpiece. Art will always rejoice same as music... and physics. I even try small pencil sketches in free time, also make Poem for appropriate drawing.

My Pencil sketch - Beauty of eyes

Beauty of Eyes –  A Poem

A Day Dreamer Says frankly

Never ever look Her Directly

Her eyes can murder you in no time!

Just found it now, Died lots of time…

But I go run all the way to meet her

She knows I’m no less than Romeo

But she always gives me a cameo

She is a princes of her own courtyard

But don’t think as your backyard

Having a Trick to meet her will be a certain flop

Because mind goes the block and says Stop Stop!

This is no wonder, she is so beautiful

But having trouble with an eye

She says bye bye…!!!!

Akshay Kumar [03/05/16]

Here is My Pencil Sketch Art by ©Akshay Kumar

Time to register with me and My team will get back to you for many more exciting things about Science Art and Music.

Especially the Physics!


Tips on Personality development


1.Stop Overthinking: We always overthink and make our mind to get fill unhealthy thoughts which will make one feel negative. This will lead to procrastination.


Stop Overthinking

2. Be Practical in Actions: Don't overwhelm yourself, but have confidence, never choose impossible tasks. 

Be Practical in Actions.jpg

3.Just get started with at least smaller tasks: We all have may opportunities, sometimes we may miss them. So just get started with things you get rather worrying about things which are impossible.

Just get started with at least smaller tasks.jpg

4.Do it right away: Put conscious effort to complete the task which takes less than 3 - minutes. 

Do it right away.jpg

5.Complete it when you begin: Make sure you will be having a small diary or notepad to document things which you start and finish it up completely, Also make sure, not just to pretend in front of others that your finished your task fully instead have assessments.

Complete it when you begin.jpg

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Next Steps...

Join with me to make little changes in our educational system, to love and share love by writings, learning the best possible outcomes of Science Art Music

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