"Our platform was built on Self-belief" - Team melodies physics
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the life ends here! i mean to say, read best of our articles,
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People in this planet,
all they ultimately want is love and peace.
Science writing

For anything no matter right now which we can see is well organized by people who contributed and documented their ideas in the form of books,Journals, much more. which helped us to think beyond our thoughts.So Science writing culture is very much important.

Nature's love

I'm one of those people, who mostly fallen love towards the nature, it inspires me most. Most of my writings are on nature. Melodies of nature !!

Curiosity & philosophy

When you come to know “i” is not the ultimate, then only You can live With “we”.

"Question everythink not everything"-

Akshay Kumar das


Let’s discuss them, apply them, let’s learn our academical physics still the more cheerful way. Come and Join here we will help you to learn physics and its deep science in a different way.

Yoga & Spirituality

A certified Yoga instructor and Meditation experts will help you. come and join to enjoy the harmony in life, to enjoy every morning a new birth to start a new beginning and a change.

Music of Life

Come and Join us we are here to make an attempt at visualizing music through computational methods, theoretical concepts and even knowing the exact physics behind the music of cosmos.

"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do."

Steve Jobs - American entrepreneur

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