The Story Behind Writing

Akshay kumar das

By Akshay kumar das

My name is Akshay Kumar Das, People call me Akshay, I live in Bangalore, IT Hub, garden city.  I’m Blog writer and Content writer, please do Search “MELODIES PHYSICS” in Google, my writings read across 40+ Countries and received appreciation and Community blogger award nominations many times.

I sometimes teach, my passion for writings can be viewed from the links mentioned below, also check my Science platforms for Science communication.

A mechanical engineer, physics enthusiast, music geek, writer(freelancer). I mostly spend my time writing physics stuff and also reading them. I like music and it’s a blend of physics. I’m passionately curious about the universe a cosmological horizon, which makes me dig my head and twist my brain. Swami Sivananda and my guru mathaji are my guides to this life. Spirituality – this is one serious thing I learned in my life and learning, which transformed me from a less curious to more awaken towards the goal of life.
This was a gift from my mathaji (Guru) A saint from Mumbai lived in Bangalore lord’s grace ashram, but she is no more, lives in our eternal thoughts.
In this blog, I share all my thinks, thoughts, knowledge, ideas.
Now my Journey is at peak So this is me, Akshay Kumar das. Science Art and Music Geek.
I’m waiting for an Amazing adventure of life, that yet to come.

My Idea of writing:

I write about everything! You know why? because I write about physics. The idea of learning something is a great job! after you learn something if possible to teach someone. or write about your experiences in a paper or a diary, notepad, whatever, or just throw it into the INTERNET somewhere in blogs as a post. that may spark out something in other’s mind one day. this is why I write.

Power of internet to share wisdom, Isn’t it? Information once sent is stored as an immortal stuff in the clouds of the internet, one will get something out of it if he needs.

Keep up busy in learning and unlearning, don’t stick to past, don’t become hallucinatory to future, the present is beautiful and friendly for you because it doesn’t’ break your expectations like future, or never bother you like past…

it’s present guys, a presentation to carry forward to the future… Life is too short to wait for an opportunity… I think you can understand this. when I talk about physics, it’s about Cosmos, time, space? No, it’s about everything! … Do you agree? Let me explain to you…

all consciousness, existence, our experience in this nature are physical and feel able, but what we can’t see and feel some things, such mysteries are infinite in number.

do we ever look at them? Do you mind in counting stars tonight? do you know how many times your heart beat per minute? if you just told me the answer, No, that someone said as a fact it’s a value evaluated by someone, I’m not asking about it. did you ever check? by yourself.
Do shout out loud that I could listen my heart beat when I carefully listen to my breath, a rhythmic beat which pumps our blood… How beautiful is this mechanism to you? Physics is a such a study for me which is to understand from particles to everything in this universe, so I love Physics as a study of this nature.

and about that melody? I’m yet to find it… but let’s see someone else could also find that melodies of physics, because on this planet we have 7.2 billion people… all have the brain, isn’t it? I believe the same brain equally created for homo-sapiens by constantly working membranes of our evolutionary facts. or simply by that “CREATOR”. I don’t know.

everyone else finding something out here, and out there may be someone else also doing same in reaching/finding us… they may become successful in reaching us. or already reached, among us? we have millions of stars in this universe, I don’t have an answer for it… Do ever think about it? or Do you care this planet if at all you never want to search or dig that mind-boggling thing of aliens, ufo etc. then why not? you have plenty of things here on earth.
Don’t ever try to disturb the nature, do not ever change the physicality of this planet, it has been created not in a minute. it’s been billions of years to get the formation of the present earth which we live and enjoy. and I’m writing here…

you know these natural calamities everywhere these are little showoffs of the nature which is giving back what we sowed, but we could stop these from future happenings, let’s take oath of protecting mother nature, let’s make our planet a beautiful heaven, let’s inspire our future generations and held that responsibility of building a smart and eco-friendly kids.