The Introduction to the Astrophysics

By Akshay kumar das

The night sky full of stars will make feel more curious about this universe.

“Let us know more about stellar evolution, we all will be surely amazed by this extraordinary process of star birth to death. Why do nations invest so much money for research in Astrophysics? Have you ever thought, consider NASA, they invest billions on to the Space and Astrophysics, You know the science of stellar evolution and its study has greater significance in knowing the fundamental evolution of this universe, which in turn helps us to know the origin of life, earth and for the matter.. Us and fate of universe.

How amazing, beautiful to eyes to look at the Dark night sky filled with countless stars. Can’t believe our sun is a star. The nearest star.

The facts you learned during school-days will surely be updated now, but the curiosity of stars are still the same for me. I still look into the night sky as a mysterious scene.”

Top Astrophysics blogs and websites

My personal favorites

NASA Astrophysics

The NASA the space giant research agency will surely not disappoint you, multimedia and videos, gallery will help to know more practical understanding of the Astrophysics. I have read the contents from the NASA, from the days of childhood, when i had no INTERNET connectivity, Newspaper writers like BS Shylaja, Adyanadka Krishna bhat, Nagesh hegde and many science writers had translated and made science columns. They not only made translations but also they gave native touch in layman terms. The references of NASA is widely used by researchers, students.

Big Questions

How does the universe work?

How did we get here?

Are we alone?, space research,

So i think the NASA stands, as best.

My Rating : ★ + ★

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AstroSat is the first dedicated Indian astronomy mission aimed at studying celestial sources in X-ray, optical and UV spectral bands simultaneously. The payloads cover the energy bands of Ultraviolet (Near and Far), limited optical and X-ray regime (0.3 keV to 100keV). One of the unique features of AstroSat mission is that it enables the simultaneous multi-wavelength observations of various astronomical objects with a single satellite.

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Space For Everyone

Space For Everyone

This Above site is really great platform, the Newsletters subscriptions will enable one to receive the best articles and resources. One can subscribe defiantly.

My Rating : ★★★+1/2

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CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research)

Scientists from around the world
come to CERN…
Curiosity is as old as humankind, When the Laboratory was founded, the structure of matter was a mystery. Today, we know that all visible matter in the Universe is composed of a tiny number of particles, whose behavior is governed by four distinct forces. CERN has played a vital role in reaching this understanding.

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