Beauty of Eyes – A  Poem [ With a Pencil Sketch ]

Interesting thing about this small poem is, I have done an Pencil Sketch i wanted a caption , the caption came into my mind was… beauty of eyes.. then i written these lines..

Beauty of Eyes –  A Poem

A Day Dreamer Says frankly

Never ever look Her Directly

Her eyes can murder you in no time!

Just found it now, Died lots of time…

But I go run all the way to meet her

She knows I’m no less than Romeo

But she always gives me a cameo

She is a princes of her own courtyard

But don’t think as your backyard

Having a Trick to meet her will be a certain flop

Because mind goes block and says Stop Stop!

This is no wonder, she is so beautiful

But having trouble with an eye

She says bye bye…!!!!

Akshay Kumar [03/05/16]

Here is My Pencil Sketch Art by ©Akshay kumar


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