I’m awake since I loved you [ A poem ]

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Every morning sun wakes me up,

“it’s running since evolution”, She said

“I’m awake since I loved you”

Every morning it’s a warm surprise


I’m aware of my amidst occurrence

just because you sit in front of me

why the hell time runs faster?

I love each and every particle in this universe

certainly, you’re included in that!


keep a time dilation system when you

visit me in a serendipity manner

I could say you complete my presence in this life

I love your tune, which you say


Stop staring at me, with one’s eyes wide open

My heart runs 200% fast

just like a bolt’s Olympic

Do you know how cute you are?


Your gentle words, appreciation made me forgot my

existence! lost in the farthest galaxy

 you are the attraction to this universe’s particles

Will I Feel Bored or Lonely?  you never a bore for me


I found you are a most important

I care you loyally and willingly!!

valued inspiration and motivation

when I realized my responsibility


but you’re a healthy dream,

“I found this was just a sensations passing

through a sleeping person’s mind at night”

 – Akshay Kumar

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