Jasmine and she !! [ A Poem ]

Hi Jasmine, tell me Roughly

Who offered color to you

Cologne (fragrance) is somewhat unique

Which is always a feeling of antique and classic love


Never go from my dwelling

You’re a necklace to my sweetheart

Which I prepare from your petals

She adores your aroma, I adore your’s


But keep up that secret from my princess

If I can fall in love with someone other than

My darling, it’s you my jasmine!

Every morning I water you,


I care you, for sunlight and even protect you from rat – catfight

Divine almighty needs your shower

Do you know the reason behind?

Ivory ecstasy, lovely bloom and so on


Then comes, My Princes

But no need to worry my darling, finally Its for you

I prepare flower( Jasmine ) necklace and flower crown to you

So you’re more important than my jasmine

But thank you, Jasmine, you bring smile on her face

O jasmine my lovely jasmine !!!



© Akshay Kumar [2017]

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