Kinematics of Sirius [Astrophysics] Part – 3

We have 100 billion stars in our galaxy, In the Milkyway galaxy within its galactic arm, we can find Sirius star. The evolutionary age of Sirius star it is in “it’s main-sequence “.

Its apparent magnitude is -1.46, Apparent magnitude – the magnitude of a celestial object as it is actually measured from the earth. From the book called “Star-names and Their Meanings” say’s Sirius is also known as Dog star, it signifies this star is in the constellation, Canis Major. I’m sharing this link below, an interesting research paper. please do read it.

For Kinematics of Sirius star read full article below by NASA…..89.1350E

Title: The astrometric and kinematic parameters of the Sirius and Hyades superclusters
Authors: Eggen, O. J.
Journal: Astronomical Journal (ISSN 0004-6256), vol. 89, Sept. 1984, p. 1350-1357.
Bibliographic Code: 1984AJ…..89.1350E

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