Loop quantum gravity

please visit michio kaku’s website for more details.

  • Current research on loop quantum gravity may eventually play a fundamental role in a ToE, but that is not its primary aim. Also loop quantum gravity introduces a lower bound on the possible length scales.
  • There have been recent claims that loop quantum gravity may be able to reproduce features resembling the Standard Model. So far only the first generation of fermions (leptons and quarks) with correct parity properties have been modelled by Sundance Bilson-Thompson using preons constituted of braids of spacetime as the building blocks. However, there is no derivation of the Lagrangian that would describe the interactions of such particles, nor is it possible to show that such particles are fermions, nor that the gauge groups or interactions of the Standard Model are realised. Utilization of quantum computing concepts made it possible to demonstrate that the particles are able to survive quantum fluctuations.


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