Music – A journey in unsung rhythm of infinite life Part – 2

Whenever I take guitar and practice first thing comes to my mind is Wow, how Truly this works, A beautiful rhythmic sounds generated by the strings…even I’m getting same queries on the human vocals, whenever we sing we modulate our voice…these things are something which i uncover in my post.

We all love “Katy perry voice, have you asked any time how this voice is generated ? how every one has got different voice ?(sometimes we have consequences of similar voice ) but the fact is our vocals are the organic instrument… Yeah you read it right. the natural god gift vocals works similarly as our musical instruments works. but the opeation of these instrument is from greatest organ “brain”.

The mechanism of speaking for generating the human voice is understood to be divided by the lungs, the vocal folds within the larynx, and the articulators. lungs are must produce adequate airflow something similar to instruments which works with air. air pressure to vibrate vocal folds in the humans/animals. The music instruments work in the same way… If one need to understand how these things equalize with our brain then the read on. The music and sound are more mysterious than we think…learning them might be easy but impact on human mind, a medical therapy of music and a healing part is most thrilling fact of music. The sound from various instruments are converted into an electrical signal when it enters the ear. This signal travels up the auditory nerve to the part of the brain that processes sound, the auditory cortex. From there, the signals travel throughout the brain, creating a variety of responses. The effects of sound in the brain include suggesting emotions, triggering the release of stress chemicals and impacting the development of new neural pathways in the brain. This is how sound is transmitted but how this heals us is a matter of thing.

Music influences the part of the brain that controls the link between sound, memories and emotion, the medial prefrontal cortex, says the National Institutes of Health.

Listening to music can soothe the emotions. A study published in the December 2009 journal Pediatrics creates that premature babies confirmed an increased rate of weight gain when they were uncovered with music by Mozart. The music soothed the babies, dropping their resting energy expenditure. Scientists says that the weight gain seen in premature babies who are exposed to Mozart results from this lower energy expenditure. Sometimes in these busy schedules we spend time to listen our favorite songs which helps us to refresh from a long tired. This are something which indirectly impacts on mind… yeah, many facts to be uncovered which I will post later.

To be continued.

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    My portion to walk
    These barren, wasted hills
    Knuckled and gaunt
    And stiff with old loam

    Flow down through the world’s ebb
    All among dark strangers
    Whose hourglass
    Runs thick with dream

    Bent upon the strait path
    I have no whim
    To tell each fashioned note
    As truly as some well tuned liar

    But choose instead
    To take the same old number
    Rip from its womb untimely something new
    And make it count

    For music

    ……………….For music

    Has unmanned me, aye
    And stole my reason
    To make cause with those
    Who are not privy to this openness

    Who have ears and do not

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