Musical thoughts – [ A Poem ]

Music Expresses !
that feel which takes birth in our heart
Music breaks silent..!
just like light breaks darkness !

Music expresses !
The feeling of my heart beat
also rhythmic vibration of our soul
which helps me to awaken my strength

Music expresses !
the words which come in thoughts..!
Music is something which is beyond listening
It’s agenda is some what bigger than we think

Music Expresses !
the Love which is life….!
the passion of a love is sung
through the tune of music

Music Expresses !
Joy in the Form of Dance which you do…!
Music travels all around
My cells live through it

Music reveals !
Gravitational waves might be so melodies
to all physicists
who die hard to solve it !

That melody is a anomaly
It’s Origin is Very difficult to know!
Music Impels me Music Heals me !
Music does everything! Music Finds my path in Cosmos !

– Melodies Physics [ © Akshay kumar]


© Akshay Kumar [2017]

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12 thoughts on “Musical thoughts – [ A Poem ]”

  1. Well said Akshay, This tells how much you likes the Music.

    I do know that quote said by the great legend “Albert Einstein”, Now you are Musician 🎶 or Physicist 👨🏻‍🔬? … ha-ha 😄

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