My dear marshmallow Never mind – [ A poem ] By Akshay Kumar

I will see your thoughts as mine

My eyes will at no time fail to pursuit you

When you hide from me,

I am looking into your eyes


When I am beholding into your eyes

The love you show to your pet dog & tame kitten

At least show to me half, oh sorry at least

Unconditional love towards them, why not to me


Aren’t my eyes telling you I will never

leave you alone?

Is that so grim to know? I’m Romeo.

Do I need to tell you all these my dear marshmallow?


But never mind when I will never

Turn to your words, never mind you will

Stuck with a hard time missing me

Never mind for prodigious feeling of loneliness surrounds you

If you mind it, write back a poem. Hee Hee !!!


Copyright © 2010 by Akshay Kumar [Samal das akshay]
All rights reserved.

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