Philosophical love – Darkness to Glory of light! By Akshay Kumar


Darkness to Glory of light!

My meticulous perception towards the light

My realistic retraction towards darkness

Is always well programmed!

When you flinch begin my journey, Juliet!

You’re my moon to shine,

In my darkest time!

I cannot stay away from you

Logically I reflect you!

I’m someone who believes!

You’re the one piece, which I lost

In the Puzzle! come and complete it

It’s the secret of the dreamland’s light

In a relationship the love

Always end with ecstatic form

Which you haven’t experienced Juliet

Please accept this & love me from the core

I’m who is in a search of elated happiness

You’re never a hidden treasure!

Because darkness is only till

The light failed to reach!

Once the photon of tiny particle

Enters the physical space,

I can see you! and once you notice

Me I will be no more in darkness.

Light is not just the energy for nature,

It sparks our inner ability

As the same way Juliet, you

Brought me to the light!

Mother given birth and lightened

My life!

My inner self is mostly enlightened

By you!

Once you ignite the spark

Of our own positiveness

We both live our life, no higher

Heaven could satisfy us

If religion, race, cast, money

Couldn’t bring people from

Darkness, the love can bring

Everything out of the darkness!

– Akshay Kumar

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