The Love – Unconditional Form [A Poem]

Every time I see you, it completes my sight
I think I perceive through your senses

Every thought comes in my cognizance
It’s interrelated to you….!

Why you made me guest in this notorious place
I became indefinite to folks who care for me…

Why you are in my feelings only…
Why not in my realism?

Your terribly cute to my retina
Is that only a chemical reaction happening in my heart?

Heart, brain, nervous, reflexes feel your unconditioned love
Tell me more about this comforting fact of loving you

Restful datum of loathing someone who shows hatred on you
what is the reason, this journey started when you smiled at me…

Your smile reveals the science behind this love,
You say take care, I say you need to take care

Love, friendship is that border for us…
We will be together in this eternal universe

Akshay Kumar [12/05/2015]

I think unconditioned love is a most powerful form of love which helps in empowerment and enlightenment of individuals in this modern world. So love unconditionally….

© Akshay Kumar [2017]

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