What is meditation all about? Part – 1 Research point of view

I was always Enthralled by the spirituality as same as Theoretical Physics. My actual understanding perhaps the way I understood the science of spiritual was Nomadic.I refer nomadic because the knowledge of spiritual science evolved in an Imperceptible way. I like to express a gratitude to My Guru Mathaji. They are the one who mostly given ideology of ancient Vedanta’s and their use in day to day life. How we able to use the benefits of ancient Tantric and Meditations to achieve a better life cherishing the stressful life. And repair the oxygen – blood incompatibility. Many more which I’m going to discuss in future posts.


What is meditation all about _1 (1).jpg

Watch this illustration video, part 1 video is just an attempt of mediation meaning, part 2 will be posted soon with deeper research meaning.

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